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FUNTIME SKIPPER #7193 1975 - 1977

This doll was issued in Europe in 1975 (box dated 1974). The European Funtime Skipper #7193 has pink/pale skin, pale blonde hair and bendable legs. She came in a two piece yellow swimsuit and was sold in a box stating: "Funtime Skipper Twist 'n Turn Waist. Bendable legs. Poseable." (pictured below).


Funtime Skippers are often confused with the Partytime Skipper, but unlike her she does not have any rooted eyelashes (with the exception of a Partytime Skipper without painted eyelashes though).


Her markings are: 


© 1967 Mattel, Inc.

U.S. Pat'd

U.S. Pats. Pend

Made in Korea


 "Made in Korea" is marked on her butt as well as on her waistline. You can see a photograph of these markings in the chapter "#8126 TNT Skipper Europe".


You can see a photograph of her markings below, as well as a comparison of this doll with the #8126 TNT Skipper Europe described above. As you can see on the pictures, they are more or less the same doll and can easily be confused if not bought from the original owner with the original swimsuit.


An incredibly rare version of a Funtime Skipper box was found in Germany (there’s only one known example). Box date: 1975. This box is pink and resembles the boxes of the Malibu Skipper dolls and Funtime Skooter dolls sold in 1976. Actually, the doll pictured on the box is dressed in the orange Malibu Skipper OSS.  The box liner is orange. Whereas Funtime Skooter’s name cannot be found on the white box, Funtime Skooter is mentioned on the back side of this pink box, along with Funtime Barbie and Funtime Ken: (More info/pics to follow)

Funtime Skooter, who shares Skipper's face mold and was only sold in Europe, can be found here: