Skipper's Friends:

Skipper had several friends in the 1960s and 1970s. You can find lots of info on these dolls on the following pages (please follow the links).

60s friends

Ruth Handler, "Dream Doll - The Ruth Handler Story": "Skipper had a flat chested child's body. In fact, we used that same body mold not only for her female friend Skooter but also for her male friend Ricky. Bot of these Skipper friends, introduced in 1965, were freckle-faced and many girls considered them brother and sister or that one or the other was - or both were - the younger sibling of Midge."

Ricky #1090 1965 - 1967

SL Skooter #1040, BL Skooter #1120 1965 - 1967

70s friends

Dramatic New Living Fluff #1143 1971

Pose 'n Play Tiff #1199 1972

Growing Up Ginger #9222 1976

Funtime Skooter #7381 1976