Skipper (and Friends) Clones and Competitors

You'll find the following Skipper clone dolls:

babsy by schildkröt (schildkroet), gaby's little sister (german tressy doll)

little sister candy

corky by shillman

cricket by american character (tressy's little sister)

Dimples by Eaton's of Canada

L'il Sister (Egee)

marty grants by allied eastern company

Mary Lou by fab-lu ltd

miss gwen - "hong kong skipper clone"

Miss Kitty by Cragstan

miss pre-teen - "hong kong skipper clone"

miss teen (canada?)

myra by marx

peggy by plasty (petra's little sister)

Penny Brite by Deluxe Reading/Topper Toys

pepper by ideal

ricky clone dolls - "hong kong cloneS"

sandy by elite creations

snouky by bella (tressy's little sister in france)

skooter clone dolls - "Hong kong clones"

toots by palitoy (tressy's little sister in gb)

twiggy (sold in the uk - "hong kong clone")

twinkles by eaton's of canada

unidentified clone dolls