Mod Fashions

#1971 (1969/70) - #9747 (1972)

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR PICTURES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF THE FOLLOWING FASHIONS: Skipper #1971 Pants 'N Pinafore, Skipper #1972 Drizzle Sizzle, Skipper #1973 Chilly Chums + variation/packaging sample, Skipper #1974 Eeny Meeny Midi, Skipper #1975 Sunny Suity, Skipper #1976 School's Cool, Skipper #1977 Plaid City, Skipper #1730 Lots Of Lace + variations, Skipper #1731 Budding Beauty + variations, Skipper #1732 Daisy Crazy + variations, Skipper #1733 Rik Rak Rah + variation, Skipper #1735 Twice As Nice + orange variation, Skipper #1736 Super Slacks, Skipper #1737 Velvet Blush, Skipper #1738 Fancy Pants + pink/orange variation, Skipper #1746 Wooly Winner + variation, Skipper #1747 Pink Princess + variation/packaging sample, Skipper #1748 Triple Treat + variation, Skipper #1949 Lemon Fluff, Skipper #1513 Sears Exclusive Young Ideas, Skipper #3465 Sweet Orange, Skipper #3466 Tennis Time, Skipper #3467 Teeter Timers, Skipper #3468 Little Miss Midi + variation, Skipper #3470 Ice Skatin', Skipper #3471 Ballerina, Skipper #3472 Double Dashers, Skipper #3473 Lullaby Lime + variation, Skipper #3475 Goin' Sleddin', Skipper #3476 All Over Felt, Skipper #3477 Dressed in Velvet, Skipper #3478 Long 'n Short of It + variation, Skipper #3291 Nifty Knickers, Skipper #3292 Play Pants, Skipper #3293 Dream Ins, Skipper #3295 Turn Abouts, Skipper #3296 Red, White 'n Blues; Skipper #3297 Party Pair, Skipper #3371 Super Snoozers, Skipper #3372 Fun Runners, Skipper #3373 Flower Power, Skipper #3374 White, Bright 'n Sparkling; Japanese Exclusive Skipper Fashion "Taiko Girl", Skipper Fashion Originals #9931

Some more "Pants 'n Pinafore" variations

#1972 Drizzle Sizzle (1969/70)


* Clear and orange vinyl raincoat

* Matching hat

* Hot pink and green dress with orange application

   (2 green color variations)


* Clear and orange vinyl boots

#1973 Chilly Chums (1969/70) – htf -


* Pink and yellow floral print dress

* Pink coat with 6 gold beads

* Matching belt

* Matching hood with ties

* Pink sheer nylon pantyhose


* Yellow Taiwan flats or yellow squishy unmarked flats (vhtf) 

Chilly Chums Production Sample – extremely rare 


This coat is made of the same material as Francie’s “Shoppin’ Spree” coat and is most likely a production sample. It has a Skipper tag. The belt and the applications on the sleeves are glued and have a darker look. This material was also found on a prototype fashion for Skipper – “Play Pants”. Since the pattern of this fabric doesn’t go with the pattern of the mass produced dress, it is likely that this sample coat came with white dress (a prototype of this dress has been found). There are three known examples of that coat.

#1974 Eeny Meeny Midi (1969/70) – htf -


* Yellow petti-pants

* Yellow dress with overlay

* Orange wrapped present

* Cardboard mirror with face


* Yellow Taiwan flats


There’s a purple version of that dress, which is probably a production sample.

#1975 Sunny Suity (1969/70)


* Yellow romper with hot pink ribbon (slight differences in

   ribbon styles)

* Matching sun hat


* Yellow sandals (1 gold bead on each shoe) – vhtf -

#1976 School’s Cool (1969/70)   


* Green dress with floral pattern (2 versions*5)

* Orange tights (htf) or hot pink fishnet tights (vhtf)

* Pink or hot pink princess telephone


* Hot pink ankle boots


*5 vhtf version of the dress (left pic) and fishnet tights pictured below 

#1977 Plaid City (1969/70) – htf -


 Green cotton jacket 

 Matching skirt

 Green and blue plaid coat

 Blue dickey

 Blue knit tam

 Lime green translucent Taiwan flats 


There’s a rare skirt and jacket variation made of silk

#1730 Lots of Lace (1970)


* Dress with

   green velvet

   top, lace skirt 

   (3 variations 

   and ribbon


   #1 yellow (most


   #2 green,

   #3 white and

   green (rare))


* Lime green


   Taiwan flats 

   (that go with

   versions #1

   and #2)

   or green Taiwan



#1731 Budding Beauty (1970)


* Pink organdy dress with bodice and yellow, lime green  or green ribbon; several versions: 

   Regular: hot pink skirt, bodice with pink flowers and green leaves;

   Htf: hot pink skirt, bodice same fabric as  Francie’s #3369;

   Rare: light pink skirt,  bodice with regular print;

   Rare: light pink skirt, bodice light pink/white


* Hot pink squishy unmarked flats (hot pink  dresses); rose Taiwan flats  (light pink vers.)

Fashion Pak A1520:

Nighty Nice (1970) – htf -


* Turquoise short sleeved pajama top

* Matching shorts

* Turquoise princess phone

* Cardboard mirror with face


* Yellow scuffs (vhtf)

#1732 Daisy Crazy (1970)


* Hot pink dress with 

   daisy print

* Hot pink tricot knee-

   high socks or daisy

   print tricot knee-high

   socks (htf)

   or yellow tricot, knee-

   high socks (extremely



* Yellow OR PINK Taiwan flats


The yellow socks variation could be a production sample. A NRFP fashion has been found.


Pictures below: Variation of socks; different labels of "sample" dress and regular dress; NRFB yellow socks version (courtesy of RoseMary Allen)

#1733 Rik Rak Rah (1970)


* Blue playsuit

* Skirt with yellow suspenders – 2 versions

   (the “Let’s play house” version pictured below is

   the rare one)


* Blue Taiwan flats


The yellow headband pictured below belongs to "Beachy Peachy"



#1735 Twice as Nice (1970/71)


* Pink and blue felt coat

* Pink felt hat (htf)

* Pink and blue felt dress


* Blue Taiwan flats


There’s a vhtf orange version of this set (it comes with orange Taiwan flats)


Fashion Pak A1520: 

Summer Slacks (1970)


* Jumpsuit

* Yellow vinyl belt

* Rose sunglasses


* No shoes


The jumpsuit was produced in many colors and fabrics. Some of the fabrics are the same as the fabrics used for outfits from the regular Skipper and Barbie family line.  There are some htf to rare variations.

#1736 Super Slacks (1970/71)


* Red pants with white flower print and suspenders

* Matching hat

* White blouse with ruffles


* Red Taiwan flats - outfits found with red Japan flats

#1737 Velvet Blush (1970/71)


* Red velvet dress with white accents

* White lace tights (htf) or white lace thigh-

   high stockings (rare)


* White Taiwan flats

#1738 Fancy Pants (1970/71)


* Light blue pants with flower print and ruffles

* Matching top

* Light blue shorts (not pictured)

* Hot pink bag with 3 yellow flowers


* Hot pink Taiwan flats

#1738 Fancy Pants - orange variation - (1970/71)


* Orange and pink pants with

   flower print and ruffles

* Matching top

* Pink shorts

* Hot pink bag with 3 yellow



* Hot pink or orange Taiwan


#1746 Wooly Winner (1970/71)


* Dress with plaid skirt and yellow top

* Red and blue wool coat

* Matching hat

* Red shoulder bag

* Blue knee-high socks


* Blue ankle boots



#1747 Pink Princess (1970/71)


* Pink crepe dress with 3 gold beads (htf) (2 lace


* Green crepe coat with pink accents and 4 gold beads

   (light green (regular version) and dark green (vhtf


* Pink fake fur hat (vhtf)

* Hot pink sheer nylon pantyhose (vhtf)


White Taiwan flats




There’s variation of the coat in blue velvet, which is most likely a production sample or an extremely rare (European) variation (pictured below)

#1748 Triple Treat (1970/71)     


* Turquoise dress   

   with multi-colored

   bodice (rare

   variation: bodice in

   same fabric as

   “Black Francie’s”

   OSS -

   pictured below)

* Matching pants

* Matching head scarf

* Turquoise jacket

   with 2 white beads

* Hot pink long

   sleeved knit top


* Turquoise Taiwan 



A yellow NRFB variation of this fashion has been found, which is most likely a production sample (pictured below)

#1749 Lemon Fluff (1970/71)


* Yellow fuzzy robe

* Yellow satin belt with daisies at each end

* Yellow tricot pajama pants with lace

* Yellow tricot pajama top with lace


* Yellow fuzzy scuffs

#1586 Sears Exclusive: Very Best Velvet  (1970 /71) – vhtf -


* Orange velvet dress with yellow organdy

* Matching coat and attached vinyl belt with 2 gold beads

* Sheer yellow pantyhose (rare)


* Yellow Taiwan flats



You can see more pics and get more info on this set by going to the "Living Skipper Gift Set" section of my new website (clicking below button takes you directly to the page)

#1513 Sears Exclusive:

Young Ideas (1970 - 1974) 49N31023- htf/vhtf/rare -


1970 - 1973: The set came with several clothes and accessories. The accessories  were different depending on the set they came with

(2 combinations):



Fuzzy coat

Sleeveless dress with ribbon

Suit short skirt

* Matching suit jacket

* Sleeveless knit top

* Shorts

* Matching sleeveless blouse

* Knit knee high socks

* Sheer pantyhose

* 2 pairs of Taiwan flats



Combination #1 (incl. 3 Skipper hangers)

* Gold present

* Red and white jump rope with clear


* “I'm having a party” invitation (htf)

* Yellow and green plastic ball (htf) (also found with Tutti's "Sea Shore

   Shorties" #3614) or - rare variation: blue and yellow  plastic ball (also  

   found with Jamie "Strolling' In Style" #1247

* Lime green granny glasses (optional (n. p.) (same as in "Skimmy Stripes")

Or plus:

Combination #2 (incl. 2 Skipper hangers)

* Gold present

* Red and white jump rope with clear handles

* Cardboard mirror with portrait (blonde hair) (same as in several other Skipper fashions)


1974: The set came with several clothes and with 2 hangers (none of the above accessories were included)

Fuzzy coat

Sleeveless dress with ribbon

Suit short skirt

* Matching suit jacket

* Hot pink leotard

* Matching tights

* Shorts

* Sleeveless blouse (shorts and blouse don't match)

* Knee high socks

* 2 pairs of Taiwan flats


The clothes and shoes of "Sears Exclusive Young Ideas" came in many different fabrics and were sold on a yellow cardboard.


Pictured above: Page from a Sears catalogue

Pictured below: 2 possible combinations #2

1970 - 1973 combinations: Accessories:

You can see lots of Sears Exclusive Young Ideas variations dressed on Skipper dolls on my new webpage (unfortunately, there's no more storage size for this website left):

Fashion Pak #A1520: 

Check the Slacks (1971) – rare -


* Red, black and white checked or “School’s Cool”

   fabric cotton pants (same like the ones  from

   “Super Slacks” but without suspenders - all of

   them equally rare)


* Black Taiwan flats


There may be some more color/fabric variations.

Fashion Pak #A1520: 

The Slumber Party  (1971) – vhtf -


* Flannel robe with white cord tie


* No shoes


This fashion came in red, pink and blue – either solid or striped. The lace trim was usually white. The blue lace trim pictured is rare.

Fashion Pak #A1520: 

Skimmer ‘n Scarf  (1971) – rare -


* Sleeveless multicolored dress  or floral dress (same

   fabric as Tutti’s #3617)

* Matching head scarf


* No shoes

Fashion Pak #A1520:

Sporty Shorty  (1971) – rare -


* Sleeveless multicolored striped top (“Trim Twosome” fabric)

   or sleeveless blue top with white polka dots - some more

   extremely rare variations can be found (jeans fabric in blue,

   green fabric, ...)

* Matching skirt


* Orange Taiwan flats

#3465 Sweet Orange (1971/72)


* Orange velvet dress


* White Taiwan flats

#3466 Tennis Time  (1971/72) – vhtf -


* White and pink/hot pink tennis dress

* White short tricot socks

* Tennis racket

* Tennis ball


* White squishy Taiwan tennis shoes or white Taiwan flats

#3467 Teeter Timers  (1971/72)


* Yellow long sleeveless  top with pink

   floral pockets

* Pink floral pants


* Yellow teeter-board

#3468 Little Miss Midi (1971/72) – htf 


* Turquoise or green tricot blouse

* Yellow floral midi skirt


* Turquoise boots

#3470 Ice Skatin’ (1971/72) – htf -


* Orange dress

* Orange tights

* White faux fur hat with ties


* White ice skates (high)

#3471 Ballerina (1971/72) – htf -


* Turquoise tutu with pink and turquoise tulle (tulle

   available in different shades of turquoise and pink)

* Sheer pink pantyhose

* Turquoise ballet bag


* Pale pink ballet slippers

#3472 Double Dashers (1971/72)


* Blue and orange knit coat with

   two closures with gold beads

* Orange and blue dress with two

   gold beads


* Orange Taiwan flats



The coat is htf in good condition.

#3473 Lullaby Lime (1971/72)


* Lime green nightgown with hot pink or lime green

   lace and hot pink bow


* Hot pink felt scuffs with lime green poufs (htf)

#3475 Goin’ Sleddin’ (1971/72)


* Yellow faux fur hooded coat

* Hot pink pants

* Yellow sleeveless floral top

* Hot pink sled


* Hot pink galoshes

#3476 All Over Felt (1971/72) - htf -


* Blue and yellow felt dress

* Matching coat with 2 gold beads

* Blue felt hat (vhtf)

* Yellow felt shoulder bag (vhtf)

* Sheer blue pantyhose (vhtf)


* Blue Taiwan flats


There's a very rare variation of the outfit with dark blue felt instead of the light blue. You can see pictures of this rare variation - along with more pics of the regular variation - by following the link below:



#3477 Dressed in Velvet (1971/72)


* Dress with white top and pink velvet skirt

* Pink velvet coat with white faux fur trim

* Matching hat (htf)

* Sheer pink thigh high stockings (vhtf)


* White Taiwan flats

#3478 Long ‘n Short Of It  (1971/72)


* Red and white striped sleeveless tricot mini


   red mini dress with blue dots (Francie’s

   #3449 fabric)

* Matching scarf

* Long red coat with 5 gold beads

* White knit tam with red stripes and red



* Red boots

Fashion Originals #3291 Nifty Nickers  (1972)  – htf -


* Yellow tricot top

* Red vest

* Blue floral knickers


* Red boots

Fashion Originals

#3292 Play Pants (1972) – htf -


* Floral short sleeved shirt

* Denim overalls with heart applique

* Red knit knee high socks


White squishy Taiwan tennis shoes

Fashion Originals

#3293 Dream Ins  (1972)


* Pink flannel nightgown with

   multicolored print and hot pink



* Hot pink felt scuffs with nylon

   bows (vhtf) 



There’s a rare yellow variation of the night-gown and scuffs.

Fashion Originals

#3295 Turn Abouts (1972) – htf -


* Red, yellow and beige   

   knit pants

Matching hat with red


Matching tank top

Yellow knit shorts

Yellow knit shirt with

   red tricot sleeves

Red and yellow

   shoulder bag (rare)


Red Taiwan flats


There’s a rare variation of this set made of the „Double Dashers“ #3473 coat fabric.

Fashion Originals

#3295 Turn Abouts (1972) – rare -



„Double Dashers“ #3473 variation shown with "Double Dashers" and the regular "Turn Abouts" variation.

Fashion Originals

#3296 Red, White ‘n Blues  (1972) – vhtf -


* White long dress with red and blue

   print and ruffles

   Variation: “Play Pants” fabric – rare -

   (not pictured)

* Blue and white shorts

* Red, white and blue long sleeved 

   tricot shirt

* Red tricot knee high socks


There's a variation of the dress which comes without cord belt.


* Even though the reference books say this fashion comes with

   blue Taiwan flats Red Taiwan flats the only NRFB fashion I've

   seen came with RED Taiwan flats

Fashion Originals

#3297 Party Pair  (1972) – vhtf (var.: rare) -


* Pink velvet dress with white bodice and sleeves, there are two variations of the border, here you

   can see the rare one

* White faux fur coat with pink velvet

* Sheer pink pantyhose


* Pink Taiwan flats

(Fashion Originals or)

Best Buy Fashion

#3371 Super Snoozers (1972)


* Cotton pajama top with pink and yellow print

* Matching pajama pants

* 3 yellow plastic hair rollers (not pictured)

* Yellow plastic mirror (not pictured)

* Yellow comb

* Yellow brush


* Yellow felt slippers with gold beads (htf)

(Fashion Originals or)

Best Buy Fashion

#3372 Fun Runners  (1972) – htf -


* Denim Jeans

* Yellow sleeveless tricot top

* Red and white head scarf (same fabric as “Flower Power”)

* Red vinyl belt (vhtf)

* Red sunglasses (htf)


* White squishy Taiwan tennis shoes

(Fashion Originals or)

Best Buy Fashion

#3373 Flower Power  (1972)


* Red and white long skirt

* Faded red and white short skirt

* White body blouse

* Red velveteen belt (htf)


* Red Japan*1 flats


*1 = pls. see following note

*1 (Fashion Originals or) Best Buy Fashion #3373 Flower Power  (1972) and 

(Fashion Originals or) Best Buy Fashion #3374 White, Bright ‘n Sparkling  (1972):

Even though both fashions were made in Korea, the flats were made in Japan.

(Fashion Originals or)

Best Buy Fashion #3374 

White, Bright ‘n Sparkling (1972)


* White maxi coat with gold and 6 gold beads

* Matching shoulder bag


* White Japan flats*1




*1 Pls. see above note

Fashion Originals #9931 (1972)  - rare -

– European Exclusive –


* Red cotton skirt with flower decal

* Red sleeveless cotton blouse with pattern

* Denim pants with flower decal

* Matching jacket

* Red tricot head scarf



* Orange-red unmarked flats (very rare)

Fashion Originals Europe #9747 (1972)  - rare 

(equals Get-Ups ‘n Go #9747 (1977)

Red set for when it’s wet  -vhtf -)


* Dress with red skirt und white, red and

   blue longsleeved shirt

* Red vinyl raincoat with clear sleeves

* Matching hat

* Matching school bag

* “Arithmetic” book

* “English” book


* Orange-red unmarked flats (very rare)

Japanese Exclusive Skipper Fashion 

"Taiko Girl"

- very rare - ca. 1972


This  Skipper outfit from Japan is a rarity. Around 2014 two MOC fashions were found in Japan and one was found dressed on a Sun Sun Skipper in 2016. It was probably released around 1972. The fashion is not tagged.


This is the only known fashion for Skipper sold exclusively in Japan  - along with the Japanese kimono of the vintage Skipper dolls. It’s not possible to state a value for that fashion.


The set consisted of orange-red pants with golden yarn, a white blouse, the headpiece from "Flower Girl", white knee-high socks, a small flower bracelet (probably from "Barbie in Hawaii" #1605), a Japanese taiko drum (that's why I call this set "Taiko Girl" - it's not the official labeling), a green cummerbund (from „Ken in Mexico“ #778) and orange-red flats (probably unmarked).