(DRAMATIC) (NEW) LIVING SKIPPER # 1117, #1147, #1586 1970 - 1971

In 1970, Mattel introduced a new kind of body for Skipper - a body with movable joints. Her head mold stayed the same, but now she had a different hairstyle with two pigtails. The hair fibre used for these dolls was different from the fibres used before, it is stronger and looks more synthethic. She was available in strawberry blonde (more common) and a rare pale blonde.


This doll was called #1147 Living Skipper, and came with a clear plastic stand, a blue, pink and green swimsuit, and booklet and was sold in a trade-in box. People could trade her in for     1.99 US $ and a used Barbie doll.


Her body markings are: © 1969 MATTEL INC TAIWAN U.S. & FOR. PATD OTHER PATS. PEND. PATD IN CANADA 1967



In 1970 the same doll with the same accessories was sold in another box, she was called Dramatic New Living Skipper.  Her new stock number was #1117.

Strawbery blonde and pale blonde dolls

The Dramatic Living Skipper #1117 was also sold in 1971, but she came in a new yellow two piece swimsuit" and a new box.


In addition to the Dramatic New Living Skippers before, she also came with an orange skateboard. Her stand was new: a two-piece clear plastic stand (not pictured).


Her markings stayed the same. The packaging and skateboard as well as the stand are very hard to find, the swimsuit is hard to find. 

In 1970 and 1971 Sears sold a "Dramatic Living Skipper Very Best Velvet Set" #1586.


The doll included was dressed in the same swimsuit like the #1147 Living Skipper and the 1970 #1117 Dramatic New Living Skipper and came with a velvet orange dress and coat, yellow pantyhose and yellow flats. 


Even many long term collectors aren't aware that the Sears Exclusive Very Best Velvet Set was made in Japan and included a very rare Living Skipper made in Japan. This doll is probably as rare (or even rarer) than the Japanese SL Skippers. Some people believe a pale blonde Taiwan Living Skipper like pictured here came with this set, which is wrong. You can see pictures of the correct doll and markings on the "GIFT SETS" page.


The Sears Exclusive Living Skipper had pale blonde hair, and she was produced in Japan. Her markings were different than the markings of the other Living and Dramatic New Living Skipper dolls:





(The doll pictured isn't the correct doll, but a "normal" issue - pale blonde version)


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The (Dramatic New) Living Skipper dolls also got a new neck knob and the inner rim of their heads was different from the ones of the earlier Skipper heads.